Dale Grimshaw “Pride and Prejudice”

From 23rd of March 2017  to 29th of April 2017, Dale Grimashaw will be at Well Hung Gallery in London for a solo show named

“Pride and Prejudice”

I’ve been given the opportunity  to introduce to you this fantastic English artist full of talent!  A “tormented ” and deep soul   of urban art,  he uses the aerosol and the brush like a poet uses a pen . Don’t miss this art exhibit if you’re in London !

dale grimshaw solo show at well hung gallery in london
Dale Grimshaw Solo Show – Well Hung – london

Who is Dale Grimshaw ? Dale  is an English Street Artist born in the North of England (Lancashire)
Dale had a difficult childhood and it was during this period that he began to draw. Art became his sanctuary and escape . Artistic expression then became the  most important factor in his life. During his adolescence he enjoyed graffing the walls of his city whilst learning graphic arts at school. He then attended the art classes of Blackburn College. Later he studied fine art to degree level at Middlesex University in London.

Over the last 10 years Dale Grimshaw has developed a successful gallery career. Five significant  solo shows in the Signal Gallery in London and also exhibited his work alongside other street artists  in Berlin, USA and France. His artwork has strong psychological narrative message, that  depicts alienation, loss, conflict and isolation. Both on a personal and political level. One of his most important and successful shows at the Signal Gallery in London was entitled “Semi Detached” and documented some of the troubled events of his childhood. This exhibition was featured in the UK national newspaper, The Independent.

dale grimshaw painting on canvas
Dale Grimshaw – Photo by Monoprixx

Dale  has painted  live on many occasions  at the Latitude Festival   and has also worked with  Adam Ant and The Prodigy.

Dale’s first urban artwork consisted of elaborate and powerful woodcut prints which have been pasted up all over Europe and Brazil, which can be seen  in several international street art books and magazines.
More recently he focuses on large scale murals in UK .
His incredible talent  has attracted a great deal of favourable attention and has led to him being invited to paint in cities
across Europe.  You can be  certain of one thing,  in  the very near future Dale Grimshaw’s artworks will cover the grey walls of Berlin, Amstedam, Paris, Barcelona,  ……..  Walls will act as canvases and allow Dale to touch our souls with his artistic emotions!

More about Dale Grimshaw: FacebookBlogInstagram 

Visit also Dale Grimshaw Page on StreetArt360 

Enjoy his artwork, and visit his solo show in London if you can. It is an exeptional event !

Well Hung Gallery  239 Hoxton Street, N1 5LG,  London

Dale Grimshaw famous mural in London
Dale Grimshaw – Photo by Monoprixx
dale grimshaw in front of his artwork
Dale Grimshaw – Photo by Frederic
Dale grimshaw female portrait
Dale Grimshaw – Pavarti Pogo
dale grimshaw native portrait
Dale Grimshaw Street Art
dale grimshaw painting for pride and prejudice solo show
Dale Grimshaw – Photo by Monoprixx



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