Amaro Abreu

Amaro Abreu, is a Brazilian Street Artist based in Porto Alegre. Amaro is graduated in Visual Arts (University Lutheran of Brazil).
He operates in Street Art scene since 2006, painting and participating in events in South and Central America and also in Europe.

Amaro Abreu Street Artist

You’ll find Amaro’s artworks in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, México, France and Germany …
He’s made individual exhibitions: Habitat and Parallel Life in the Gallery Mario Quintana.
Integrated also in group exhibitions: “Faço Parte” (Brazil), Conexión Art Melo (Uruguay) Somos Todos (Mexico). He acted in short
films CineMarighella and Graficleta. Graphite conducts workshop for children four years ago in Project More Education.

Amaro Abreu Mural

Participated in the “Light Effort in Prison” project that was painted the inner courtyard of the central prison and curator at
the Multicultural Project Canoes, wall painted by various artists in the city of Canoas.

Amaro Abreu Artwork:

Amaro Abreu Street Art
Amaro Abreu Street Artist
Amaro Abreu Mural
Amaro Abreu Mural
Amaro Abreu Art
amaro Abreu Conexão Brasil e França
Amaro Abreu Art
Amaro Abreu Mural
Amaro Abreu Art
Amaro Abreu wall

All photos by courtesy of Amaro Abreu 



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  1. Alex says:

    Nice artwork. i didn’t know him before. Thanks Laurent , for sharing such great street art.



  2. Unusual and wonderful. I love the guy riding the fish but they are all great.

    Liked by 1 person

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