JDL street art “Black and White Beauty”

This Wednesday is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate being a 21st Century woman and to call for change in the working world,   Perfect day to post about a young female street artist you should know: JDL Street Art.

JDL street art aka Judith De Leeuw is a young  female urban artist based in Amsterdam, specialized in realistic and freehand aerosol portraits.

JDL Street Art

Let me introduce you to my friend Judith, i asked her few questions about her and her artwork:

Who are you Judith ? 

I am a 21 years old street artist,  born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Also i am in my first year of Fine arts at Willem de Kooning academy Rotterdam. Though i am quitting by the end of the year, because i am too busy with my art and it seems i can live pretty nicely from my art already.

How does it all start ? 

I started doing spraypaint when i was 15 years old, on the streets, where i met graffiti related people that introduced me to a
spraycan for the first time.

And now ? 

Now i own a studio where i work when i don’t paint murals, on the east side of amsterdam.

Why black and white painting ?

I like the use of black and white, not only because i think art is a reflection of yourself (i only wear black and grey).
But also because i feel like black and white expresses more feeling for me then color.

What is Your Art really Saying ? 

I am best known for my piece of Amy Winehouse, in which i tried to register her in the most true way i could.
I hate how people portray her smiling, how they were clapping for her music, while she slowly fell apart.
I tried to portray her as much as she was. Also i found this inspiring, because depression appears to lead to great things. That’s what my art is about for me, not only trying to make something visually appealing, but also telling a story with it is important.
Sometimes i clay a portrait with my own hands to tell a story. Sometimes i also do months of research and take a lot of bits and
pieces to form it as one story, like the industrialized adam and eve.

Tell us a little about your artworks

A couple of things i did:
-15 m mural in Athens
– 2 murals in berlin (Jimi hendrix, Lemmy kilmister)
– Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment flew me over to Zurich in 2016, for presenting my art.
– Mural in spain
– Banksy: I’ve painted live for 2 days in the exhibition, in Amsterdam, where i critizied capitalism.
– Several shows & festivals. For instance step in the arena 2016 & 2017.
– Painted several walls in the heart of Amsterdam, not only the amy winehouse on weteringscirquit, but also westerpark and other places.
– I’ve been having some nice attention from the big dutch media (papers and radio), lately. For instance Parool & BNR radio.
– 15M mural in Amsterdam east of adam & eve.

And in the future ? 

The things that i am going to do in the future are secret, until they have been done, (you never know what is going to happen), sorry!
I can tell that i have big plans and amazing projects for the future!

Thank’s Judith. 

westerpark JDL Street Art
JDL street artist
lemmy by JDL


amy by JDL
JDL Street Art Athens
JDL in Athens
JDL Street Art
Vijzelgracht Fokke Simonszstraat JDL street Art


All photos by courtesy of JDL 

JDL social networks: Facebook Instagram 

Press: StreetArtUnitedStates – I support Street Art Het Parool –

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