David Zinn “Dream Chalk Creatures”

Here i think is one of the most poetic and sensitive artist’s  the Street Art scene has ever had!  David Zinn is a self-taught artist living in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
David  has been drawing on walkways for many years, using chalk and anamorphic bending to bring his imaginary and poetic little friends alive into the present reality.

"crazy hair day" by David Zinn
“crazy hair day” by David Zinn

All his wonderful chalk  creatures are improvised on location and often incorporate objects he finds or parts of the
landscape, such as cracks in concrete, tree leaves on the ground, a clump of grass, a hole in a wall, …
David Zinn is inspired by a desire to place cheerful and poetic art in places where it is not expected.  He also wants to embrace the ephemeral nature of the world around us, moreover by drawing in public with simple materials.  David wants to demystify the artistic creation and the perception of his works by the passers-by.

David Zinn Art
David Zinn Art

Although the chalk artwork of David may  wash away in a few  hours or days, when rain  returns,  i’m sure his work  will stay in our minds or even our dreams.   Pictures of the temporary installations have wandered into the farthest corners of the web and social networks, and mimicked versions of his dream creatures have surfaced on streets of the 5th continents. In 2015, hundreds of people contributed to a crowdfunding campaign to help publish a  book of these ephemeral artworks entitled “Temporary Preserves: Chalk Art by David Zinn.”

You can find this great  book on David Zinn’s website:  zinnart.com/store

Discover his Artwork:

"beerbeast" by David Zinn
“beerbeast” by David Zinn
"crazy hair day" by David Zinn
“crazy hair day” by David Zinn
"cat prisoner" by David Zinn
“cat prisoner” by David Zinn
"February sluggo" by David Zinn
“February sluggo” by David Zinn
"flap em if you got em" by David Zinn
“flap em if you got em” by David Zinn
"flower envy" by David Zinn
“flower envy” by David Zinn
"hang time" by David Zinn
“hang time” by David Zinn
"not that cat or that hat" by David Zinn
“not that cat or that hat” by David Zinn
"second rule" by David Zinn
“second rule” by David Zinn
"seedling parade" by David Zinn
“seedling parade” by David Zinn
"carpe quies" by David Zinn
“carpe quies” by David Zinn
David Zinn Art
David Zinn Art
David Zinn Art
David Zinn Art

All Photos by courtesy of David Zinn 

More about David Zinn: WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter 

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  1. Sweetest. <3 And the fact that it's chalk and passes away so easily, adds value.

  2. Alex says:

    Genial ! Merci . Belle decouverte .

  3. Gary says:

    thanks david, very good beautyfull work…it is so important that we use the inner-child.. and you support so many people with it in art…but you know it, i don`t have to talk about….greetings from palma de mallorca…spain

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