Doudou’Style “A Ray of Sunshine”

Jessy Monlouis-Bonnaire Aka Doudou’Style is a young French Street Artist, Painter and Illustrator.
Born in Paris in 1984, she is an authentic self-taught artist.

Doudou Style and Pearl - Paris
Doudou’Style and Pearl – Paris

As a child, she opened her eyes, heart and soul to the beauty of art and finds her passion in Cartoons, Comics and Manga.

Doudou Style - photo by Alain Sauzeat
Doudou’Style – photo by Alain Sauzeat

A light Japanese influence fragrances her art work like perfume.
She starts her young artist career, working for street wear brands, designing logos and customizing t-shirts …
In 2006 Doudou’Style produced her first spray paint mural .
A real revelation!

Doudou Style - Poesy Saint Ouen
Doudou’Style – Poesy Saint Ouen

Since that day she covers our cities grey walls with colourful, poetic and sensitive artworks.

artwork by Doudou Style
artwork by Doudou’Style

Doudou’Style collaborates regularly with other artists like Vinie Graffiti, Vagabombe Wear, R Style, and crew 2AC.
For our delight this young artist illuminates the Parisian street art scene.
A ray of sunshine for french Urban art.

doudou'style artwork
doudou’style artwork

I’d like you to discover her works and I’m sure you will agree that this artist has a bright future ahead.
I look forward to seeing your work elsewhere in the world Miss Doudou Style.


Doudou’Style Artwork:

Doudou Style feat smerg gare st denis 2016
Doudou’Style feat smerg gare st denis 2016
Doudou Style and Vinie Graffiti
Doudou’Style and Vinie Graffiti
Doudou Style - le Bloc 2013
Doudou’Style – le Bloc 2013
Doudou Style - Aulnay s bois 2016
Doudou Style – Aulnay s bois 2016
By Doudou Style
By Doudou’Style
Panda by Doudou Style
Panda by Doudou’Style
Doudou Style 2016 André Pirlo la place paris
Doudou’Style 2016 André Pirlo la place paris

Photos by courtesy of: Doudou’Style, Alain Sauzeat, Laurent Jacquet, … 

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  1. Alex says:

    Adorable ! Joli travail . J’ai vu son MUR avec pearl samedi dernier . Lors d’une balade dans le 11e avec streetartparis .

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