Street Art Best Of – January 2017

It’s finally the time of the month which marks the release of my Street Art Best Of.
Discover my first new artwork selection for 2017 and let us know which was your favorite piece down in our comments section.

Best of January 2017. Featuring very new artwork by Valdi Valdi, Obey Giant, Hopare, Javier Barriga, Natalia Rak, Decertor, Jorit Agosh, Bezt Etam, Achilles, Fitz Florencia Durán, Decy, Icy & Sot, Milu Correch, Victoriano, Xav, Xolaka, Ramsteko.


Valdi Valdi: New artwork by Thiago Valdi, from Florianópolis (Brazilian island).

Thiago Valdi 2017
Thiago Valdi – 2017

Obey Giant: Women’s March in Washington, D.C

Obey Giant for Women March January 2017
Obey Giant for Women March – January 2017

Javier Barriga: Plaza Las Lilas, Providencia, Santiago de Chile, Chile. New piece by chilean street artist

Javier Barriga 2017
Javier Barriga – 2017

Natalia Rak & Bezt Etam

Natalia Rak 2017
Natalia Rak – 2017

Daniel Cortez aka Decertor: Lima, Peru. New piece by argentinian street artist

Decertor in Lima
Decertor in Lima – 2017

Jorit Agoch:  “Bjarne from Norway part of our tribe” Hand painted on wall with spray cans in Sandnessjoen Norway.

By Jorit Agosh
By Jorit Agosh – 2017

Achilles: Athens, Greece. New anamorphic piece by argentinian street artist

Achilles in Athens
Achilles in Athens – 2017

Fitz Florencia Durán: “Las voces de la conciencia” 2017

Fitz Florencia Duran 2017
Fitz Florencia Duran – 2017

Decy: New piece in Brazil

Decy in Brazil 2017
Decy in Brazil – 2017

Icy and Sot: “United States of Immigrants” 2017

Icy and Stot United States of Immigrants 2017
Icy and Stot “United States of Immigrants” – 2017

Hopare: Grenoble 2017

Hopare 2017
Hopare – 2017

Milu Correch: Argentina

milu-correch-argentina - 2017
milu-correch-argentina – 2017

Victoriano:  Colegio Blas Sierra in Spain. More about Victoriano

victoriano - colegio Blas Sierra
Victoriano – Colegio Blas Sierra – 2017

Xav: in Spain 2017

Xav in Spain - 2017
Xav in Spain – 2017

Xolaka:  in Vicar – 2017 – More about Xolaka

Xolaka in Vicar - 2017
Xolaka in Vicar – 2017

Ramsteko: Mexico City

Ramsteko Mexico City 2017
Ramsteko Mexico City 2017

All photos by courtesy of the artists

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  1. Rosaleen Anderson says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!Absolutely wonderful array of very fine and meaningfull Art pieces , all of them are brilliant ..couldn’t rate one above the other👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👧

  2. Rosaleen Anderson says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!absolutely brilliant array of very fine and meaningful artworks😍all of them are wonderful….so can’t put one above the other 👧👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. fionacowie says:

    great selection

  4. Lyss says:

    Absolutely, thought provolkingly superb.

  5. Anallasa says:

    ¡Maravilloso! Esto demuestra que el arte puede llegar a todo el mundo.

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