EJEK Street Artist from Glasgow

During my last visit to Glasgow i was able to admire several street art murals of the Scottish Street Artist, EJEK.

Ejek Artwork

EJEK is one of the emblematic figures of Urban art in Great Britain and one of the leaders of the Street art and graffiti scene in Glasgow.
As well as SmugOne and RogueOne he contributed greatly to these amazing artworks and “frescoes” that cover many walls of the Scottish “megapole”.

By Ejek – Clutha Bar in Glasgow

Making grey walls fantastic art canvas.

It was in a bar near the Glasgow Central station that we met.  And what an encounter!  EJEK is not only a talented artist but also an extraordinary person.

Ejek by RogueOne

Aged 37,  he was born in Glasgow,  and painted since he was 18 years old.
The physique of a Rugbyman, an ample beard, splendid tattoos on his arms including one representing the first graffiti he posed on some
walls of glasgow and above all a personality imprinted with humor and generosity.

Darth Vader by Ejek

He told me with a large smile that he began his career as an artist “by vandalizing walls and disused trains”.
And that it was by observing his buddy RogueOne paint, that he learned the techniques of painting spray free hand and hyperrealism.
He is now a true master of this artistic form.

Artwork by Ejek

EJEK has painted around the world, in France, Spain, New York …
Some of his works have toured the world through social networks.
He exhibits regularly in galleries his works.

And animates 3 to 4 times a week a workshop with children in Glasgow. With the objectives to teach  painting and drawing and also to pass to the younger generation a sensitivity towards the passion of street art.

Mural by EJEK in Glasgow

I let you discover his artwork. And if one day you visit Glasgow please do not forget to go and discover these grey walls that Ejek has turned into Street Art masterpieces.

Laurent Jacquet


Comics inspired by EJEK

artwork by Ejek
Artwork by Ejek
Artwork by Ejek
Artwork by Ejek

Graffiti by EJEK:

graffiti by Ejek
graffiti by Ejek
Artwork by Ejek


Ejek vs Doc Artwork
Ejek Artwork


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  1. Thank you for bringing these to my attention. I must admit that I don’t many of these and would love to cycle and see them for myself. Any sources for the locations?

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