Jimmy C “the streets poet”

Vitry sur Seine 2012 Jimmy C

James Cochran, aka Jimmy C, played a key role in the development of the underground graffiti movement in Australia during the early 1990’s, and after working on numerous mural commissions and community arts projects,
went on to complete a Masters degree in Visual Arts at the University of South Australia with an interest in urban realist and figurative oil painting.

Adelaide 2016 by Jimmy C

His two interests in graffiti and oil painting converged, leading to the development of Cochran’s signature aerosol pointillist style; portraits or urban landscapes painted entirely from dots and dashes of spray paint.

Whitby St, Shoreditch, London by Jimmy C

This technique developed into what he called the ‘drip paintings’ and the ‘scribble paintings’, composed of layers of coloured drips or energetic lines to form vibrant and poetic cityscapes and portraits.

James Cochran now lives in London and his canvases and walls can be viewed in cities across the world.
His works include a portrait of Olympic champion Usain Bolt, which became one of the key images during the London Olympics in 2012.

Usain Bolt by Jimmy C

In 2016 his painting of David Bowie in Brixton became the focus of worldwide attention when it became an unofficial shrine for fans to pay tribute to the music legend.

David Bowie by Jimmy C

Quick Overview of Jimmy C artwork around the World:

Mick Bacon St by Jimmy C
Baton Rouge Spot by Jimmy C
Birmingham 2016 By Jimmy C
Deconstructed Portrait by Jimmy C


Portrait of Clarice Lispector by Jimmy C
Portrait of Lou Reed on an existing part of the Berlin Wall by Jimmy C
Skull wall Miami by Jimmy C


Photos courtesy Aka Jimmy C

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