December 2016 – Herakut in Paris

On November 25, Jasmin and Falk, alias Hera and Akut, forming the Herakut duo, inaugurated their first solo show in France at the Galerie Mathgoth in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

Photo by Galerie Mathgoth

HERAKUT, live and work in Berlin (Germany)
Jasmin Siddiqui, known as HERA Born in 1981
Falk Lehmann, known as AKUT Born in 1977

Photo by Herakut

Both German, AKUT was born in the East side and received a traditional socialist education.
HERA was born on the west side of the wall in Franckfort, from a Pakistani father and a German mother.

Photo by Herakut

They met in 2004 in Spain, during a festival of urban art and immediately the magic operates between them.
Overnight, they become street partners.
Insatiable travelers, they draw their inspiration according to the encounters and the discoveries.

Photo by Herakut

Their work is dictated by their complementarity and their differences are their strength.
HERA, in a brutal and intense style occupies the whole surface, while AKUT, with a technique close to photorealism most often  loads faces and details.
Their works are figurative but also narrative: the text finds its place, whether with a word or a long sentence.
Herakut has become over time an emblematic figure of street art.

Laurent Jacquet


Herakut: Facebook , Twitter , Website , Instagram , Tumblr

Galerie Mathgoth: Website , Facebook , Twitter , Instagram

Photos copyright: Galerie Mathgoth and Herakut

Photo by Galerie Mathgoth
Photo by Herakut
Photo by Herakut
Photo by Herakut
Photo by Herakut
Photo by Herakut

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