December 2016 – “Madame Moustache” Live performance in Paris

MADAME live performance:

Saturday, December 10th 2016 at the “MUR” 107, rue Oberkampf Paris


“MADAME”, also known as “Madame Moustache” is a French street artist who works and reworks old documents, old photographs from the last century to
50’s and 60’s , to make new and contemporary images.


These original visuals have the particularity of being always articulated in the following way: an image and a punch line which
Dialogue, without, however, illustrating one another.


Once these small format collages are finalized, they are scanned to be printed in very large format and affixed on the street, in order to offer
to the passers-by an open door towards an imaginary staggered and playful.


The aim here is to propose to the “spectator” an image with multiple interpretation, an open door to another.

Madame will be at MUR Oberkampf in Paris for a live performance on Saturday, December 10, 2016.

Laurent Jacquet






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